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I bought couple of juvenile kribensises(?) about 8 months ago and now they are mostly 2-3 inches (3 males 5 females). I did some research on kribs after two of em coupled up and started laying eggs 3 weeks ago. But during my research, I've noticed that my kribs have sightly different colors than what im seeing on the internet. So I did some more research on krib cousins and they all say different things so it got me more confused.

So I just have couple of questions for you dwarf cichlid masters out there:

1.) What kind of Kribs are these? (photos attached)

2.) What are these F1, F2 types they are talking bout on this paper that ive attached (ones that Ive got look like Figure 2-D and Figure 3-B)

3.) What are the difference between Scarlet Kribs and Nigerian Reds?

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PS: sorry that my pics are so blurry they just wont stop chasing my tetras after laying their eggs

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What I meant to say was..... They are the common Kribensis. I really enjoyed raising hoards of them in my younger years. The albino form are quite the stunners as well.



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