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Sorry if this doesn't really belong here, there isn't an expect area for this kind of post.

So I'm going to be selling a lot of my stuff to a store, I'm not expecting to make my money back but at the same time I don't want to get ripped off.

-43 Gallon 48"x12"x17"
-5 Gallon
-Two 10 Gallons
-20 Gallon Tall
-32 Gallon Waterhome w/hood&t8 lights
-4 Gallon Cylindrical Plexiglass
-6.6 Gallon Fluval Chi w/extra filter box
-3 Gallon tall /w optional blue base&hood (hood damaged)

-One x4 T5 HO 12" light fixture
-PFO Lighting Inc Ballast (AQI 250MH-120V 2.5Amps)
-PFO Lighting Inc Metal Halide Fixture (hanging) w/High-intensity discharge lamp approx. 300watts
-23" T5 Compact Florescent Fixture (takes 16" lamp)
-HZX - 180 Pump (180W, 2,113.4GPH)
-Marlow Spa Pump Model #sa55nxkhm-5944 (4HP, 115V, 9.2A, 60HZ)
-Six foot+ arbutus driftwood tree (Still floats)
-3D Rock Background 72"x24"
-Small black Aqueon Stand
-45"x16" TV Stand w/Power bar drilled in.

-13" Iridescent Catfish
-Four 5" Bala Sharks, one 3"
-Three adult male Odessa Barbs
-Adult male Kribensis
-Two Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish (1:1 Ratio)

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Six foot+ arbutus driftwood tree (Still floats) I wouldn't mind a pic and price of this ? pm me
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