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Fish arriving today! End of day
What's not arriving
Scarlet Dario
Clown loach
Rocket pencil
Rummynose tetra
Tri colour neon

The good news. Lots of unique stuff arriving !
Madagascar rainbows
Clown killies
Blood red parrots
Neon rainbows
Holland Rams
Bolivian Rams
Demasonis cichlid
Blue dolphin cichlid
Ob peacock
Lemon lab
Crystal Red shrimp
Tiger shrimp
Dumbo betta
Butterfly halfmoon
Tricolour betta
Galaxy rasboras
Mosquito rasboras
Panda Cory
Green splenden Cory
Pepper Cory
Copper Cory
Pretty guppies green glass , platinum blue,blue variegated . All pairs
Ember tetras
Diamond tetras
Zebra lace veiltail angels

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Any news about the ember tetras you were planning to have come in

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did your angels arrive? they aren't on the list
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