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Here's what's arriving later today!
A few didn't make it.
Ottos aren't coming ..ill get from elsewhere
Japonica shrimp I have some still
Red nose shrimp
Blue diamond shrimp

What is coming !
Thailand glass cats
Hara nerd on Asian stone fish
German Rams
Electric blue Rams
Moustache dario sold out
Cardinal tetra
Lemon tetra
Black diamond neon tetra
Green jade shrimp
Black & white crystal shrimp
Red fire shrimp
Yellow fire shrimp golden top
Orange cherry
Super blue shrimp

Amazon frogbit
Water lettuce
Salvinia natans
Azolla filiculodides
Elodea densa
Java fern
Bacopa red
Cyperus helferi
Dwarf chain sword
Water wisteria

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Hi there's only 20 left
But I believe more coming next week. Someone ordered 120. Hopefully thst someone or someone's will pick up tonite?

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