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White Cloud Mountain Minnow

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These guys have been deemed an invasive species now and so can not be purchased any longer. I had a school of 12 and I loved them. Such pretty lively fun fish! I am still fairly new to fish keeping and I had an aquarium apocalypse a while back that killed pretty much all my fish but that's another story.

Now I only have one of these guys left and a couple bettas that are in other tanks. This little guy I call Trooper, has been on her own for some time now and I think she's excessively lonely to the point of its making her depressed/sick. She's currently in a 10G hospital tank as the sole survivor of the apocalypse. So not only is she alone, she's in pretty tight quarters for her species. I am still dealing with problems in her previous home and can't provide her any extra space yet. I was wondering though if I could get her some company somehow? Jack, one of my bettas has never had a bad/aggressive reaction to any tank mates I've tried with him. Should I attempt to put them together and see if it helps the little guy? My other thought is to go get him some other type of small schooling fish, just like 2 since the tank he's in is not ideal for these types of fish? Would that just me trading one evil for another by also putting 2 more fish in a less than ideal situation?

I feel awful for her and am not sure what the best life I can provide her at this point? If people suggest the fish, what kind? Will she have the greater chance to be part of the gang with one type over another? I should also mention she was the most aggressive fish in her school when she did have friends.

Thanks in advance.
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I don't know about the invasive species thing, but I'm pretty sure I've seen them in multiple Vancouver shops over the last month or so.
They've been restricted and aren't supposed to be sold in BC anymore, so I have pulled them from my store's stock since a while back.

As far as what fish would do well, and for similar looking, some kind of pencilfish may work.
Thanks for the input guys. I went with a couple neon tetras and the minnow does seem a lot happier. He's active again:) I did look into the pencilfish and they did look very similar to my minnow but they are warm water fish from what I read and I didn't want to increase the minnows temperature since he's been through so much in the last months. The neon tetra's min temp and the minnow's max temp were in line so I met in the middle for them:) Not an ideal situation for any of them but the minnow's activity level has went back to a more normal range. I'm feeling a little better for him:) Thanks again.
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Glad you solved the problem!

Just FYI aquariums west had some White Cloud Mountain Minnows when i went in today
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