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Very nice, I've always loved wilds.
It was all Joseph's fault :mad:;), but I'm sure glad he turned me onto wild discus. I love them too.

Those are some nice looking wild discus ! Just how many do you have ?
I wish I could say 100's, but only 8. It just seems like a lot because they like to stay so close to each other. I'm in no rush, but I sure hope to add to this collection very soon.

holy cow .. nice colours [email protected]!
Thanks, Justin!! Just when is the discus bug gonna bite your butt??!!

Awesome looking wilds.
Thank you, Daniel :)

very purdy...
Thanks, Ed. Oh, and thanks again for the kits - they look soooo much better than pukey Eheim green ;)

I find wilds way more attractive.
Shhhh....don't tell my domestics, but I do too ;) They get so THICK and chunky. Way sturdier and tougher, IMO, as well. But I love ALL my discus equally :rolleyes:

Thanks for looking folks and I appreciate your comments.

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Dang, I jumped in here looking for "they're so boring I'm going to give 'em away!" ;)
Right....nice try, Gary! Gotta appreciate the effort ;) Most of the shots are of the two I got from Charles. The colors are insane on these fish. If you just walk by the tank, you wouldn't even bother to stop, but if you do - the fish swim right over and start flashing that wild yellow/lime green color. Both of them are almost the same size as Joseph's wild heckel which is a VERY large fish. I'm kicking myself for not buying more of Charles' first batch - I simply didn't have the room. But now that I've got the space, I'm patiently waiting to see what may be coming in......:rolleyes:

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those are amazing, what kind of lighting are you using?
I just recently replaced all my lights with Coralife Aqualight T5 HO fixtures from April. I LOVE them. The one on this tank has a 54W 10,000k and a 54W Actinic Blue bulb.

great quality discus! super healthy!
They should be.....they eat better than I do :)

Great looking fish Shelley!!!!....I'm so jealous. Discus are so addictive. You get one and want one of every species.:)
Since I put the domestics into their own tank, I keep looking at all the space in the 90 gallon tank with only 8 wilds and I've been oohing and ahhing over many a website these last couple of nights ;) I have a feeling I'll be placing an order or two in the near future :)

Wow! They look awesome!:D
Thanks, Brian :)

Nice collection Shelley!
VERY much appreciated, Mello.

Very nice discus Shelley!!
Why thank you, Lisa!

Nice looking fish! Love the blue pattern on the head. :) What size are they now?
A big difference in size from my smallest heckel hybrid to the largest which is also a guess would be 3 inches up to 6.5 inches, maybe. With the wilds I prefer to look at thickness instead of overall size to give me an idea how well they are doing.

Thanks again, folks :D Glad you like them.
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