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ALUMINUM brushed housing Atman light unit
40 and 5/8th. inches ON CENTER light unit (furthest expanse of the legs)
explained: if you put the leg supports on your tank rims, that's the widest they go
the narrowest the leg supports go is 31 and 1/8th.
single bulb; currently 20 watt; Note: bulb length is 22 and 3/4
bought at North American fish supply on Kingsway, Vancouver last year.
as new except for two inch crack on plastic slide cover protector for the bulb
prefer to trade and can add cash; send private email for photo file

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What kind of lighting are you aiming for? Fish only, low-tech planted, high-tech planted, etc. What is the length of the tank? If you are looking for a new fixture I would suggest FishNeedIt (their setups also include bulbs). Shawn (Nicklefire) has been using them on his set-ups and HIGHLY recommends them.

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