Gorgeous lively fish. I have him in low end brackish. You will see many different data on how to keep these but the place in Europe that supplied it keeps it in fresh and they can tolerate marine. From what I have seen they’ve only been available once since I got him. He is highly agressive if he has competitors for cave space like it’s pretty bad. He killed his conspecifics and the top hat blennies I had. He’s fine now that he has no competitors for cave territories. The only reason I’m getting rid of him is that he’s eating my snails like a loach and I need them for my puffers. Anyhoo I have him housed alone until I can rehome. I can get as far west as 264th if timed according to my work schedule. Open for trade or lower sell price if easy to deal with and decisive buyer. Looks literally identical to google images. Thanks for your time.